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Make a Change and Feel Great About Your Work. Every Single Day!

We operate at the intersection of technology and consulting, delivering tangible results — future-proof HR in many companies and satisfied customers. Join us and experience what freedom at work and personal growth really mean!

Leading Companies Through Digital Transformation of HR

Let's be honest: our job is demanding and requires a sharp brain, empathy and being assertive at times. We'll teach you about HR processes and all things SAP SuccessFactors. You need to be able to ask the right questions and deal with input from people whose way of working you're changing. But ultimately, our work is extremely rewarding.

Freedom, Trust and Influence on the Company’s Direction

As long as you get results and our cooperation is good, we don't care where you work from and when. While we're growing as a company, we make sure you personally know the senior leadership and can discuss your ideas for making Success Solutions even better.

Priceless Know-How & Great Rewards

Training takes several months. You get your own buddy, we provide you with training materials, let you shadow more experienced colleagues and pay for the necessary certifications. But we won't lead you by the hand, we expect you to go all in.

What Our People Say

“What I like about  Success Solutions is that they give you a chance — I was able to prove that I have the qualities that I said I have. I got a chance to learn something new and evolve. Everyone’s friendly, we like sarcasm and black humour. ;-) I also really appreciate that our founders are approachable. The goals of the company are always presented clearly, even though the management knows there might be questions or emotions involved.“

Project Manager

“When I initially joined Success Solutions, I most appreciated the opportunity to learn a lot of new things and grow professionally in just a few years. This allows me to now pass my knowledge to my junior colleagues. I stay here also thanks to these people — I would have never imagined to be so close with a bunch of IT guys. I think that our internal ”Be Brutally Honest“ approach isn’t for everyone but I love it!“


"I wanted to keep working in HR, but without specializing in just one area. I wanted to help with automation and digitalization in HR — as I always believed it is possible if you know how :-). After years of working in corporations, I was excited to work in a smaller company with great family vibes. 

The position of project manager at Success Solutions seemed perfect and after joining, it got even better with these benefits: working from home with the benefit of our office in Prague. :-), a team of smart young consultants who can be relied on, senior colleagues familiar with both HR and SuccessFactors, and the trust and support of the management!“

Project Manager

“I was attracted by the tech focus on innovative HR systems and working on projects in global companies. The friendly atmosphere combined with

professionalism and emphasis on quality of delivery not only supports my career growth, but it also brings the opportunity to actively contribute to the development of Success Solutions. The management trusts its employees and communicates openly. Flexible working hours and working from home has been a matter of course from day one. If you don’t want to be bored, join us!“


Who We Look for Most Often

Consultant SAP SuccessFactors Support Consultant Account Manager Service Manager Product Owner Developer

But we don’t pigeonhole. We’re happy to meet smart people at any time. Want to join us? Let us know!

Our Hiring Explained

Two Interviews and Getting to Know Our Founders

Once you let us know about your interest, expect a quick call. If your expectations match ours, we’ll invite you for an interview — either online or in person. Depends on your preference as well as the specific role. You’ll definitely meet your prospective manager and both founders of Success Solutions.

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