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SAP SuccessFactors


We’ll implement SAP SuccessFactors and guide you through your HR digitization journey — by digitizing processes that work and tweaking the ones that slow the company down.

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SAP SuccessFactors

Let’s Build This Together!

Each SAP SuccessFactors module works independently but you get the most out of the solution when using the entire ecosystem. Where to start? With the brain of SAP SuccessFactors, the Employee Central module. Explore more modules down below.

Recruiting Effective Recruitment that Doesn’t Hold Your Company Down
  • Streamlined hiring process and easy management of job applicants
  • Automated job posting
  • Database of job applicants
  • Features to create and manage your career page
Onboarding Smooth & Unified Onboarding of Newbies
  • Communication with new employees even before their first day
  • Paperless data collection
  • Access to training and all important documents
  • Automatic notification for new employees as well as their managers
  • Documents and guidelines according to your company’s needs
Employee Central The beating heart of our solution
  • Core module of SAP SuccessFactors
  • Central database encompassing all employee data
  • Management of HR processes without the assistance of IT department
  • Management of promotions and transfers of employees
  • Clear organization structure and its management
Employee Central Payroll Payroll Calculation for 46 Countries
  • Global payroll solution in compliance with the legislation of 46 countries
  • Integration with accounting and local government solutions
  • Error checking with automatic notifications
  • Bank transfers
  • Tax processing, including payments
Learning Consolidated Information on Learning & Mandatory Training
  • Automated assignment of training according to organization structure
  • Notifications about mandatory training
  • Custom content creation
  • Recommendations of interesting training for colleagues
  • Management of training budgets
  • Catalogue of training (both internal and external)
Performance & Goals Set Goals and Measure Performance
  • Goal setting both by employees and their managers
  • Status tracking and goal evaluation during the year
  • 360° assessments revealing strengths and weaknesses
  • Feedback collection
  • Clear reporting for HR
Compensation & Variable Pay Insights for Fair Remuneration and Compensation
  • Management of plans and budgets for remuneration
  • Inclusion of managers in the process
  • Annual pay increases and regular bonuses
  • Bonus amount calculation
  • Exceptional and project-based rewards
  • Reporting for managers and HR
Succession & Development Leveraging Data for Succession Planning
  • Setting a career path (for both people in junior and senior roles)

  • Career development planning

  • Talent pool management

  • Identification of specialists and prospective future successors within the company

  • Identification of career and development needs — of individual employees as well as the entire company

Reporting Predictions and Insights for Data-Driven HR
  • Integration of data from various solutions
  • Monitoring of HR trends

  • Notifications about inefficiency (high fluctuation, poor management decision making and more)

  • Predictions based on available data and analyses

Your Role in Implementation Is Important

Whoever tells you the opposite is pulling your leg. Implementing SAP SuccessFactors requires your involvement during workshops and testing. It can’t be done without the capacity of your team as well as the assigned process owner. That said, we’re efficient and work in agile iterations — which allows us to set up the solution properly and teach you how to manage it.

Meet Our Expert

What Should You Know About Implementation?

“Implementation isn’t about transferring your old processes into a new solution. It’s a unique opportunity to optimize your HR, reduce administration and increase the satisfaction of your employees.”


Kateřina Uhlířová, Consulting Manager

Implementation’s Length Depends on Module Choice

The Implementation of the most complex module of SAP SuccessFactors, Employee Central, can take up to 1 year. The simpler modules can be implemented within weeks or months. The project’s length depends on the state of your processes (which we carefully analyze before the implementation) and cooperation.

Leading the Entire Company Through Change

Digitization requires a mindset shift of the entire company. We’ll help you get your colleagues on board — by providing you with useful arguments about SAP SuccessFactors, organizing workshops or communication campaigns. Everyone needs to understand how the solution can make their work better!

More Experienced Consultants than Ours? Hard to Find

We started implementing SAP Success Factors as one of the very first companies in Central Europe — and have trained many experts since. Our clients are from all across the globe, the USA, Costa Rica, Australia, and elsewhere.


What Our Clients Say

“Our experience with Success Solutions as our implementation partner has been great! Their senior consultants and experts possess extensive know-how and technical skills to tailor SAP SuccessFactors to the needs of SKODA. While this tool has its limitations (greater than we initially anticipated), the expert team was able to find solutions in all key areas. Our collaboration was of high quality, built on communication and understanding of the end goal."

Jan Frydrych
Jan Frydrych
Head of HR Operations & Digitalizations

“We’ve been collaborating with Success Solutions since 2016, the early days of SAP SuccessFactors implementation in Czechia. We’ve developed a robust solution that caters to all our HR needs and is scalable. I got to know the company in my role as HR specialist and now, years later, our partnership makes sense even from a broader perspective. I truly appreciate the expertise of Success Solutions."

Miroslav Gášek
Miroslav Gášek
HR Director for Czech Republic Mattoni 1873

“We are implementing a comprehensive solution for process management across the entire international group with the Success Solutions team. Our long-term cooperation on implementing modules within SAP SuccessFactors and other customised components is carried out at a high and professional level. We appreciate the very customer-centric approach, timely responses and fantastic support.“

Vladimíra Michnová
Vladimíra Michnová
HR Director LINET Group

“We selected Success Solutions based on a recommendation from SAP. They did an outstanding job as they have an in-depth understanding of the solution and its implementation, along with the ability to integrate and automate all processes. What really helped initially (and what we were apprehensive about) was the consultation. Success Solutions truly assisted us in managing change, convincing management, and motivating employees to embrace something entirely new — especially those who had been using a local solution for 10 years.“

Zdeněk Křížek
Zdeněk Křížek
IT Business Partner Corporate Services

“We started the project with a clear idea of how to set up our processes. That said, the Success Solutions team provided us with an unbiased perspective and advised us on HR matters even beyond the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. I value their thoroughness and critical thinking.“

Violeta Malár Momiroska
Violeta Malár Momiroska
Chief Human Resources Officer, IT & Facility KBC Global Services

“We opted for a major change despite having had a well-customised system in place. It was no longer user-friendly and the maintenance costs were escalating. Kicking off the project presented a challenge as we had to clearly define all our expectations and competences. Fortunately, Success Solutions are professionals; they know the market well and our cooperation was excellent.“

Lenka Kružíková
Lenka Kružíková
HR manager innogy Czech Republic

Guiding You Through Implementation & Making It Perfect With Our Apps

We’d be happy to chat about our approach to the digitization of HR processes with you. Online or in person. 

Our Apps Extend Functions of SAP SuccessFactors

We developed unique solutions for shift planning, generating documents, signing them with e-signatures and also managing travel expenses. These apps are the result of hundreds of hours of careful observation, listening and knowing the SAP SuccessFactors.
Learn more

Shift Planning

Replace cluttered Excel spreadsheets and third-party solutions with a full-featured shift planner. Schedule shifts for a week, month or quarter, adjust schedules for more employees simultaneously and get an overview of their performance.

Shift Planning


App for easy travel & expense management. Compliant with legislation and including all key features for maximum effectivity. Easy request approval for business trips, reimbursement once the trips are over, upload all kinds of receipts, and more.


Document Generator

Generate contract annexes, handover reports and many more documents in a few clicks — or let your employees do that themselves. Using data from the Employee Central module.

Document Generator

Paperless HR

Stop running around with stacks of paper and let electronic documents circulate through the solution. Create documents, use your e-signature to sign them and keep everything safe — in-house or in a secure cloud.

Paperless HR


Developed in compliance with Czech and Slovak legislation — your employees can quickly fill out their income tax statements (Prohlášení poplatníka daně z příjmů fyzických osob) and requests of annual statement of account (Žádost o roční zúčtování). Payroll accountants just make a final check. What used to take hours is done within a few minutes!

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