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Consultations, Satisfaction Surveys, Customization and Other Services

As experts, we dare to go further than others who solely implement SAP SuccessFactors. Explore our services and let us boost your HR.

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Facts Are Better than Presumptions: Uncover the Mood in Your Team

Conducting one-off as well as ongoing employee satisfaction and engagement surveys. We use the Qualtrics tool, which works well with SAP SuccessFactors.

Changing Papers for Algorithms Won’t Do: Transforming Processes

It’s not the IT solution that holds many companies back but their complicated HR processes. We’ll map your situation and suggest workflow changes so that employees gain more responsibility and the company makes the most out of digitalization.

HR Inspiration: Use What Works, No Inventions Needed

As consultants, we have a unique opportunity to look into many companies from various sectors every single month. Putting things together and solving any HR issues comes naturally — sometimes, small adjustments are needed, and other times, innovations are necessary. We listen carefully during consultations and discuss possible change scenarios with you.

Getting Your Entire Company Ready for the New Solution

We help you to “sell” the new SAP SuccessFactors solution within your company. Here’s how: by identifying user groups, providing useful arguments (that help your colleagues understand the solution’s benefits for them personally) or handling communication campaigns from A to Z.

Mapping Processes and Finding Skeletons in Closet

We assess the amount & complexity of your existing processes and explain all the risks of the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors. This will give you a better idea of the complexity of the changes, the length of the project and the overall costs of your investment.

Specific Issues Require Customized Solutions

Do you have to delete data from documents because of GDPR? Don't want to give up your ATS? Looking for a tool for planning holidays and making medical appointments? We’ll come up with a solution (if we haven’t already).

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