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Article Why did we decide to establish the Training Center?

Why did we decide to establish the Training Center?

Our Training Center presents a unique opportunity for you to develop your corporate professionals in the fields of HR and IT and enhance their skills related to the utilization of individual modules and functionalities of the SAP SuccessFactors system.

In the Center, we offer diverse courses focused not only on key modules of the SAP SuccessFactors system but also on integrations and reporting. Each course is led by our instructor with excellent knowledge of the respective module and with experience from implementations across various industries. Current courses are available not only in-person, held in Prague, but also in an online format

Why did you, as implementers of the SAP SuccessFactors system, decide to establish your own training center?

We possess extensive experience, not only theoretical but mainly from SAP SuccessFactors implementations at large companies across various industries. It is from these implementations and subsequent system support that we realize the importance of administrators or key system users having a thorough understanding of the system and its module functionalities. Therefore, we decided to offer our know-how to these administrators and system users so that they can utilize it to maximize their work efficiency, paving the way for further knowledge in SAP SuccessFactors.

We also transfer our experience within the training of future SAP SuccessFactors administrators during the implementation of a new HR system. These trainings occur automatically immediately after the implementation. However, as users work in the system over time, their knowledge deepens, and the potential for more detailed system utilization grows. This results in a multitude of suggestions for individual settings. Therefore, we decided to assist with procedures and settings that users can handle themselves. We train administrators of individual modules to appropriately configure their system.

But won't you lose subsequent system support with this approach?

We realize that such trained administrators may take some of our work in support, but we always want the best for the customer. SAP SuccessFactors is a different system in terms of administration (than SAP HCM was/is), and it allows a well-trained administrator to handle many activities in the system without the need for the supplier.

Who are the courses intended for?

Courses on individual modules are designed for key users, system administrators of SAP SuccessFactors, and integrators on the customer side. Upon request, we can create customized courses to cover specific client requirements, such as specific system requirements, familiarization with multiple modules at once, or conversely, in-depth details of a particular module for advanced administrators. However, in the future, we plan to include these in our regular course offerings.

How does the teaching process work?

Teaching is very intensive and, above all, practical. Therefore, we prefer classroom courses in small groups (maximum course capacity is 6 for in-person courses and 10 for online format), allowing enough time to cover all practical exercises and participants' questions. During the course, participants can expect both theoretical and practical parts, with the emphasis on practical tasks directly in the system. This is why the classroom format is ideal, as interactions during the course, solving current tasks, and stimuli are most beneficial.

What will participants gain from completing the course(s), and what advantage will it bring to their employers?

They will definitely gain greater knowledge and understanding of the system, become independent in its administration, and have an insight into HR processes to meet HR requirements for changes. For employers, it also has a significant advantage in saving costs spent on system support and development, which they would otherwise have to request from the supplier.

Who are your instructors, and how will the teaching be conducted?

All our instructors are not only experts in SAP SuccessFactors, as evidenced by obtained certifications, but also have practical experience from implementing this system for our customers (which are significant companies). Some of our instructors also have professional certifications, reflecting their practical skills. To obtain professional certifications, they must implement the respective module for 3 different customers with more than 80% satisfaction from the customer. We have the most of these certifications on the Czech market.

In what languages ​​are the courses conducted?

In Czech and English. Trainings are mainly conducted in Czech, as it was the explicit preference of the majority of those approached. However, if the course fills up with English-speaking participants, we are prepared for courses in English – it depends on the preferences of the applicants.

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