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Article Customer reference - KBC Global Services

Customer reference - KBC Global Services

For optimal operation of the entire company and the efficiency of individual employees, properly managed processes are essential. For this reason, KBC Global Services has decided to implement the SAP SuccessFactors system and gradually expand its individual modules. In an interview, Violeta Malár Momiroska, Chief Human Resources Officer, IT & Facility at KBC Global Services, emphasized that when carrying out implementation and digital transformation, it is important to approach one's processes critically, have a clear vision, and be open to new possibilities.


Why did your company decide to adopt SAP SuccessFactors solutions?

KBC Global Services was founded in the Czech Republic in 2011 and has since experienced constant growth. Currently, we have more than 2,000 employees, with approximately 1,200 working in the Czech Republic and over 800 in Bulgaria. We have been building our data processes gradually from scratch. This development has involved significant changes, transitioning from manual spreadsheets to the current state. The implementation of SuccessFactors (SF) was a key part of our transformation. In 2016, when we reached 500 employees, we realized that we could not sustain the same growth rate without digitization and optimization. Therefore, we sought a system that would meet our requirements and provide support during implementation. SF effectively addresses our process needs thanks to its cloud ecosystem. So far, this system has allowed us to meet all our requirements, and its flexibility enables us to manage changes and gradually implement new HR procedures in line with industry trends. In selecting a partner, we conducted a selection process and chose Success Solutions because they proved to be a reliable partner with previous experience in similar implementations.

What specific benefits has your company experienced during the collaboration with Success Solutions? How do employees perceive the advantages of the SuccessFactors system in their daily processes and within the entire company?

Since implementing SF, Customer experience has significantly improved. There's a clear distinction between communication and file sharing via emails versus using a sophisticated system with optimized workflows that addresses all aspects of the employee lifecycle. Enhancing the employee experience was one of our main goals, and SF played a key role in achieving that goal.

Which module do you believe has the greatest impact on the entire organization?

Choosing a single module is challenging because each contributes to the employee lifecycle and adds value to the organization. We view all modules as important and valuable for our overall operational processes. The comprehensive set of SF modules collectively enhances employee efficiency and supports various aspects of human resources management.

What advice would you give to potential customers considering the implementation of SuccessFactors but have no prior experience with it?

It's crucial to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Our vision focused on complete automation and digitization of human resource processes, with the ultimate goal of transitioning to paperless HR. While we've made significant progress in implementing all necessary modules, there are still areas we need to address. HR is an ever-evolving process that requires continuous improvement, collaboration with people, and refining processes, which also reflects on the system. With SF, we appreciate its flexibility, allowing us to continuously enhance our processes.

Before implementation, it's essential to have a clear vision and goals and carefully evaluate and adjust existing processes to fit the system's capabilities. Even if you believe your processes are flawless, it's important to assess how they align with the system and be open to adjustments and change management, as we learned during our own process transformation. Other critical factors to consider are cloud infrastructure and data governance.

How did you communicate the need to learn new processes and implement a new system throughout the organization while considering ongoing work responsibilities?

The success of our project was influenced by thorough planning and extensive preparation of our internal communication strategy. We particularly recognized the importance of involving employees as active participants in the process. To achieve this goal, we appointed ambassadors from various business units who played a key role in disseminating messages throughout the organization. Gathering feedback from employees and involving them in testing were crucial aspects of our approach. The entire implementation process was truly a collaborative effort involving everyone in the company.

Where do you see the greatest benefit of collaborating with Success Solutions? And where do you find potential for improvement in their offerings and services?

For us, the most important aspect was building mutual trust. Success Solutions has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. They have extensive experience and are always available to provide advice, assistance, and meet our expectations. This is the most significant benefit we observed in our collaboration. While we initially trusted our processes, it was evident that the Success Solutions team aimed to offer us an unbiased insight to become HR advisors beyond just implementing the system. I expect them to continue supporting their customers to critically and thoroughly consider their processes before starting implementation. This is something I truly appreciate.

Can you describe in more detail how Success Solutions helps its clients build a future-oriented digital HR strategy that is not limited to SuccessFactors implementation but also shapes the company's mindset towards embracing digital transformation?

We have successfully embraced digital transformation, enabling us to work anytime, anywhere. This was particularly beneficial for our educational initiatives, aiming to provide our employees with flexibility in development whenever they wish. The use of SF played a crucial role in achieving this flexibility due to its wide range of applications and the significant role of the mobile application in our implementation. The mobile app is intensively utilized by our employees. In the future, our HR strategy focuses on prioritizing people. However, our ambitions don't end there. We plan to also leverage artificial intelligence. Currently, we're working on a specific concept focusing on utilizing our employees' competencies. We're excited about implementing a new module called "Internal Market." This module will serve as an internal marketplace for candidates within our company.

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