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Article Customer reference - Mattoni 1873

Customer reference - Mattoni 1873

In the next installment of our series, tune in for an interview with Miroslav Gášek, HR Director for the Czech Republic at Mattoni 1873.

In 2016, Mattoni 1873 became the first customer of Success Solutions, which implemented the SAP SuccessFactors HR solution for Mattoni. We spoke with the current HR Director for the Czech Republic, Miroslav Gášek, about how these beginnings unfolded, the main benefits of the implementation, and what steps lie ahead for the company in the future.

You became Success Solutions' first customer in the Czech Republic, and you've been collaborating since 2016. How would you evaluate the cooperation thus far?

Very positively. We were the first customer, taking on some risk as everything was done remotely back then, but they convinced us with their expertise. In the selection process for the SuccessFactors implementer, we had two companies and one for a competing product. However, since we have SAP HR, we decided to go with the SAP solution. Success Solutions has been a clear partner from the very beginning.

Why did you choose a cloud-based HR solution?

We decided to implement this solution because we needed to address the need for unification, standardization, and harmonization of performance and reward processes in our company. That was the main motivator.

Looking back, how would you evaluate the implementation process, and what advice would you give to companies preparing for it?

It was quite unconventional; we were all starting from scratch. For me, it was my first experience because at that time, I was working as an HR specialist focusing on systems. On our side, it was just me and my supervisor, while on the vendor's side, there were two colleagues from Success Solutions. The collaboration was very intensive, lasting about six months. We probably didn't follow the standard path completely because at that time, we weren't such a large employer and weren't as "corporate" as we are today. The implementation was informal and straightforward.

What, in your opinion, did the implementation bring?

At that time, it provided us with the foundation for what came three years later, which was the merge with Pepsi. We already had a system that was very solid, addressing some of our HR processes, and as a result, we could easily implement additional countries, such as Slovakia and Hungary, after the merger. We were able to harmonize processes across Karlovarské minerální vody and Pepsi International.

What do you personally appreciate most about SuccessFactors?

Personally, I like that it's a large and stable solution. I won't praise it as an amazingly modern solution with all the features because, of course, it has its limitations. But the advantage is that you can set up various modules. Want to do one thing? Do one thing. Want to do ten things? Do ten things. The system is stable; you get harmonized processes, unified data, unified outputs, and you can set up the framework for any HR process as it should function.

Are there plans to implement additional modules in the future? What would be the optimal development for Mattoni going forward?

At this moment, I'm not responsible for this within my position; everything is handled at the group level. But personally, I think we shouldn't avoid implementing the Employee Central module. Currently, we have two modules deployed - Performance and Compensation. Personally, I would also welcome the Learning and Development module.

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